You Won the Election – Now What to Do As Class President?

Without a doubt, this election has been one of the most controversial and divisive election in many years, and many are still angry and feeling cheated.

Our allies, as well as all of our enemies I believe, are looking for signs to see which road President Joe Biden will take.

With President Trump defeated, and out of office, will President Joe Biden forge a path forward to success by taking down the walls on the border that President Trump erected? The danger in that of course, is a higher number of COVID-19 victims; also, foreign terrorist.

Will he give China a getter access to importing even more cheaper goods into our russia ukraine news  country? That, I believe would be a reward for China’s bad behavior. Such as, the stealing information and intellectual property; even recentlyRussia was accused of trying to do the same.

Will President Joe Biden legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens to take “jobs Americans will not do”? I do not believe the American people would like to compete with an additional ten or twenty million people in the workforce: in an already depressed marketplace.

Will President Joe Biden allow Iran to continue with its Nuclear programs previously established under President Obama administration, to make amends for T rump’s assassination of Soleimani?

Will he raise taxes on the wealthy, corporations and estates, and force businesses to pay higher wages for American workers?

Will President Biden put an end to fracking on federal land? If so, I believe that would make the United States more dependent on foreign oil again.

That will mean he would have to stop saying he knew nothing about his son Hunter, dealings with  a Ukrainian-owned private energy company, while he was the Obama administration’s number one on US-Ukrainian.

Furthermore, President Joe Biden will have to prove, not just to every American, but to the whole world, that he is not brought and paid for by the Chinese government.

He will have to back up his campaign talk about President Trump not doing anything about China’s role in releasing Covid-19 on the United States; and compensation to every family who have suffered loss love ones due to this virus.

President Joe Biden would have to admit, that if a man cannot take care of his own household first (the United States) then he is worse, than an infidel. Putting  first, instead of the American people, is just one example.

President Joe Biden I believe, is in a tough position, because he will have a difficult time trying to satisfy all of his constituents and at the same time attempt to bring all Americans together.


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