Working With Machinery Movers

Ultimately, Machinery movers have two tasks that they are frequently required to undertake:

1: Dismantling and moving machinery and equipment to another location

2: Decommissioning, taking apart and efficiently disposing of machinery and equipment

Before The Move

Before any work is carried out, an expert will meet with the client to discuss what needs to be moved or disposed of. Following this initial meeting, a Risk Assessment will be conducted to analyse any potential problems or issues:

A. At the current location of the equipment

B. At the point of relocation or disposal

C. Any points of contact along the journey of relocation or disposal

D. Within the equipment or machinery itself

A well done Risk Assessment ensure that all involved parties can then work together to ensure that the moving process runs as smoothly and as easily as possible. It also allows parties to work together to solve any predicted problems before they occur. Industrial relocation factor and moving company 

A Risk Assessment also allows clients the opportunity to ensure that any problems that arise as a result of the move are fully covered by the relevant insurance and legality.

During The Move

Fully trained Machinery Movers will dismantle the equipment piece by piece, and decommission it as necessary for the safety of themselves and your workers. They will use the highest ranging equipment to undertake the move in the most efficient way as possible. Suitable equipment may include (but is not exclusive to):

Fork Lift Trucks
Heavy Haulage Lorries
Your equipment can be moved to anywhere across the UK and most of Europe, to wherever you need it. And if your machinery needs disposing of, this will be done ethically, safely and in the best fashion that is deemed fit for that particular piece of equipment.

Most importantly, clients can be assured that Machinery Movers are highly experienced experts who take personal safety very safely.

They work to whatever budgets and deadlines are set to them, and are customer focused. This can only be achieved through strong communication between the Movers and their clients, on a regular (usually daily) basis.

After The Move

Machinery Movers will ensure that the equipment is installed safely and properly, without any worry of their being any future problems. However, if the clients wish the machinery to be disposed of, this is done in the safest manner possible, which is only befitting to the clients exceedingly high expectations.

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