What Are the First Facebook Ads for Online Courses?

What are the FIRST Facebook Ads you should do?

Now that’s a loaded question… And seriously, you’ll probably get a different answer from everybody who’s done or even just thinking of doing a Facebook Ad.

Looking at my experience with Online Course Creators, has been that they are experts in the topic they have created a course about which isn’t always Facebook ads. So for them to jump into the world of Facebook ads can be overwhelming and they throw some dollars at the Ads Manager and hope for the best.

And then there’s the Facebook Pixel…

Well that really sends them into a spin… Here’s a pro tip… Get the Facebook Base Pixel installed on EVERY web page that you own. That way Facebook starts building an audience of anybody that has visited your website (creating a warm audience) ready for when you start your ads.

Now, the first kind of ads that you should be doing on Facebook are…

… Drum roll…

… Not conversion ads, okay?

If anyone tells you to start off doing conversion ads, don’t do it because you would just throw your money away… I’m afraid, in today’s online marketing, people aren’t so willing to just get their wallet out and give you their money. You need to build a bit of a relationship with them – that know, like, and trust factor. People need about six or seven touches from you before they’re willing to entrust you with their time and money. You need to build a relationship with your audience, and how you can do that is with the first Facebook ad that you do.

Now, Facebook have made it so easy for you. Instead of being a newbie and being overwhelmed, the best place for you to start with your Facebook Ads is to boost the post. Boosting posts used to be very taboo and there still are many Facebook Advertisers who haven’t yet discovered the power of a Boosted Post to a a course in miracles   Custom Audience.

This is where you go into Ads Manager > Audiences to create an audience of people who would be your ideal client. So say if your ideal client likes Tony Robbins, you create an audience of People who Like Tony Robbins, in the U.S.A., aged between 25 to 34, and save this audience. Then when you’re on your Facebook Page and you’ve uploaded the post from to your page (or a previous post that had good engagement), you can just tap that blue Boost button and select your saved audience. With those boosted posts, you can just put one dollar a day behind it. That can build a phenomenal audience as if your audience is in alignment with the message in your post, you could have people engaging with that post for just under three cents even as low as.005 of a cent or.002 of a cent.


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