The Sony HDR-PJ260V Handycam Video Camcorder: Eleven Reasons Why It Is The Most Amazing Camcorder!

For those who use video cameras, you will enjoy the video experience that the Sony HDR-PJ260V Camcorder offers. After you have tried the Sony HDR-PJ260V, you will not want to go back to anything else. It would be like trading in your new Cadillac SUV for the seventies version of the Dodge Dart. sony 55x75k

The Sony HDR-PJ260V has outstanding features that make it a joy to use. Sony offers this camcorder at a price that is more than fair for all of the incredible features it provides. You would expect a video camera like this with all of its functional features to be in the high $800 range. However, it only costs between the high $400’s and low $500’s and worth every cent when you buy it from the right place.

First, you will get the unbelievable HD clarity and crisp pictures with its 8 Megapixels, giving you professional looking videos.

The 1920 x 1080 High Definition Resolution and the 30x optical zoom gives you vivid, lifelike video creating full mastery with every shot. The Sony HDR-PJ260V has a patented optical feature called “StableShot,” which “eerily” automatically stabilizes every shot you take. It has an electronic roll stabilizer which is a 3-way shake canceling mechanism. For the non-technical people, what really only matters is that it works! You can actually run with the video camera in your hand and the picture remains almost completely in focus.

Sony’s highly engineered Wide Angle “G Lens” gives a bigger area of video picture. Every shot delivers brilliant clarity and professional quality. When you combine the “G Lens” with the 30x optical zoom, you get the real professional quality of excellent video. Furthermore, there is a 55x zoom that increases the “zoom power” of the 30x zoom. The ability to get in close for a great shot is an incredible feature. There was even a YouTube Video made showing the amazing power of the Sony HDR-PJ260V zoom. It shows the intricate details of a Navy boat from far away with its Navy officers on board. Whereas, by your own eye, you could only see the ship from afar.

The 3″ digital control panel is a complete snap to use but the best feature is the ease in viewing your video. The built-in projector works really well and you can view your video anytime and anywhere. Whether you are using the Sony HDR-PJ260V for personal or business, you can view your video on any wall regardless of where you may be; hotel, office or home. The image is projected onto the wall with an image of 100″ in diameter for clear viewing. In addition, the Clear Phase duel stereo speakers draws on Sony’s high-end audio expertise and provides high-quality true to life sound. The sound comes out so clear because a 5.1 channel microphone is used which captures the sound along with its Noise Reduction feature.

Sony has goes gone the extra mile by attaching a USB cable to the handle for easy file transfers or recharging. Watching your videos on any TV in HD is a great video experience when you have such clarity and quality video to show.

In summary, The Eleven Reasons That The Sony HDR-PJ260V is An Amazing Camcorder are:


  1. The 8 Megapxels give the picture its high resolution and thus, professional quality.
  2. The 3″ digital panel makes it simple to control the camera.
  3. The 1920 x 1080 High Resolution and 30x Optical Zoom creates a crytal clear picture with an intense zoom feature.
  4. The Extended 55x zoom gives additional zoom power on top of the 30x zoom.
  5. The Noise Reduction feature cancels out unwanted excessive noise.
  6. The Clear Phase Duel Stereo Speakers play with Sony’s expertise in sound.
  7. The Wide Angle “G” Lens captures more of the picture you want.
  8. The Built-In Projector is one of the best features allowing you to view your video quickly and virtually anywhere (on any wall).
  9. “StableShot” is a focusing feature that reduces blur dramatically.
  10. The Clear Phase Duel Stereo system provides Sony’s expertise in audio and gives a clear crisp lifelike sound to your video.
  11. The 5.1 Channel microphone picks up sound perfectly and professionally.


Overall, the Sony HDR-PJ260V comes with a surprisingly low price for the amount of features and its amazing quality. The Sony HDR-PJ260V Handycam Camcorder completely gives you a great video experience that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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