Are you planning to study in the UK? It is going to be life time experience. You can kick start the process by doing everything right from the beginning.

You must spend good time choosing your course. There are plenty of resources like UCAS website or hobsons etc to give you insight on UK courses. UCAS provides a tool known as Stamford tool to help you select right course. For undergraduate courses you apply through UCAS website and Post graduate courses are directly offered by universities.

After securing you place on the course next big task is to obtain visa for UK If you are from non EEA country, you need visa to enter and study in the UK. UK border agency provides comprehensive information on that.

Having done above things, now you must find information on UK social life. 美國留學 

You must read about accommodation options and understand tenancy agreements. Try digging discount student airfares from various airlines. You may like to know how to make cheap calls from UK All of us carry many queries for the new place.

You may be curious about other post landing requisites like shopping, opening a bank account, registration with national health services, buying a mobile phone or carrying your laptop to the UK

You may like to explore more avenues before you actually land in the UK It is always good to read and equip yourself to minimize hassles.

I recommend visiting SmartUKstudent website for complete information on UK student life. It covers pre landing, post landing and other necessary information for international and home students.



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