Painless Man Cave Television Upgrade Guide

Are you still using a dated, clunky, energy sucking tube television in your Man Cave? Sure, those old CRT tubes have a ridiculously long lifespan, but they’re also energy hogs, take up lots of space and are really heavy to move to another location if you decide to change the layout of your room. If your TV is ancient and has a bulky tube screen it’s probably time to upgrade to a current model television. Don’t worry though, upgrading isn’t painful at all and you’ll love saving money on your electric bill, too. Here are some of the basics things to think about when seeking a replacement TV.

The first thing you need to figure out is how big of a screen you want. A good thing to note here is that televisions are measured diagonally from corner to corner across the screen. This tv kings app might make it a bit more difficult to figure out if a particular TV set will fit where you want it to. Luckily, you can usually find the height and width measurements of any set on the manufacturer’s web site.

Once you figure out the size screen you want, you also have to think about what type of screen you want. The three technologies you want to focus on are plasma, LCD and LED. Each have their good and bad points which I’ll briefly touch on below.

According to’s AV Home Buying Guide (link below), plasma screens have the best black levels on the market, producing a picture worthy of a home theater. They also display excellent color and have a wide viewing angle. On the downside, though, plasma screens have a slight potential for burning a static image into the screen and they have a lower native resolution than LCD and LED screens of a similar size. LCD screens on the other hand have a higher resolution than plasma screens with no danger of image burn, but the black level quality and viewing angle are generally not as good as plasma. Lastly, LED TVs have plasma-like black levels, higher resolution, no image burn potential, they’re better for the environment (LEDs don’t contain mercury) and they’re ridiculously energy-efficient. The downside is that LED TVs are more expensive and have a relatively narrower viewing angle.

TIP: One common pitfall to be aware about when upgrading to an HDTV from an old-school analog set is that you also need to upgrade your cable or satellite plan to one that supports Hi Definition broadcasts. Without the upgraded signal, your new HDTV’s picture will look like garbage and you’ll be left wondering why you spent all that money.

A quick note about 3D TVs:
There certainly has been a big buzz this year about 3D TVs and it seems that every manufacturer has put a 3D ready set out in the market already, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the technology is mature enough to buy into right away. My advice is to stay away for now while manufacturers develop a glasses-free 3D system (Toshiba is apparently.

So, as you can see, at first glance upgrading your television might seem really complicated, but after you know the basics, it isn’t all that mystifying after all. No matter which type of TV you end up choosing to buy for your Man Cave, it’s important to remember that you really can’t go wrong because any current model TV you buy is an improvement over an outdated model.


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