Online Gambling: The Future

Online gambling banned


The Korea. The bill to ban internet gambling has been approved by Congress. The bill was sent to President Bush for signatures. It will then become law. Online gaming companies’ shares 메이저사이트  are experiencing a massive drop, with many of them seeing their shares fall to as low as 50%. PartyGaming and 888 Plc were the main players to suffer. It will be a law that online banks and credit card companies from Korea can use if it is passed. It will be illegal to transfer money to online gambling sites.


What’s the future for online gambling?


Although this is not an easy prediction to make, it does seem that it could signal the end to the flourishing online gambling industry. These online gambling companies receive a significant amount of revenue only from U.S. players. Online gambling sites could lose a lot of their revenue if Korea bans it.


Online gambling sites won’t just sit back and watch as millions of dollars are at stake. We have to wait and see what happens.

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