Lessons Discovered At The Petting Zoo

Last week, I was taking a extended walk through my neighborhood with my Seeing Eye dog, Carson, when we encountered a festival filled with delighted kids and a carnival atmosphere. Navigating by way of wall-to-wall people today is often a challenge, but I decided to brave it and we pressed on, hoping the sidewalk wouldn’t be blocked.

All of a sudden, Carson darted off the walkway, his nose aimed with an intensity that could only imply there was an additional animal nearby.

Frustrated, I pulled Carson back on track, only to have him get distracted by yet another smell on the opposite side. I was increasing irritated with the crowd and Carson’s behavior till a man behind me chuckled and mentioned, “Your dog is sniffing a llama!” As far as I know, llamas are not indigenous to my neighborhood… nor this continent, for that matter!

The man, still laughing, continued, “The library is possessing a carnival and there is a petting zoo set up all along the street.”

As Carson sniffed a child donkey, I had a quick moment to consider. At that point, I had two options I could have gotten angry at the unexpected distractions along my route, OR I could laugh at the pure oddity of a herd of exotic animals hanging out around the library! I chose the latter.

“Carson, that’s a llama,” I said, bending down to recapture his attention, “But never be concerned, I will not be obtaining one as a pet!” I had to just laugh and shake my head in amusement at his sheer puppy behavior! Following Dallas petting zoo , even I couldn’t be annoyed when, ahead of we reached the end of the block, Carson had also sniffed out a goat, a pony and a range of other creatures I doubt he’d been exposed to in the course of his quick two years on this planet!

A lesson discovered at the petting zoo: Take a moment to be amused, not frustrated, when things never go as planned. If you look hard enough, you will probably obtain some humor in the adverse practical experience, also. A bit of humor lies in each circumstance. It is up to us no matter if we appear upon the whole as a dilemma or a pleasure. Pick out the pleasure… you may well just walk away with a excellent story!

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