Junk Car: 4 Worst Car Installations You Dare Not Have

“Don’t push it!” People say these words out of empathy or sympathy to someone who has tried so hard to make something. And yet, this person continues to fail and roll from the peak to the foot of the hill. Experiencing this could be so frustrating, but seeing someone keeping his or her hopes up for a better outcome – when it’s obviously impossible – is just downright worst. I’m talking about cars here, if you haven’t figured it out yet. Now, let me break it to you gently – or not – that you need to throw your junk car away for cash. I’m sorry. I just can’t take it anymore.

Wires hanging all over the place

Seriously? You tolerate those hanging wires that give your car an early Halloween vibe? The year has just started and they’re all looking like cobwebs hanging from the sides and ceiling of your car interior. This isn’t plainly right. Where do all the wires come from anyway? Is it from the heater or cash for junk cars from the infotainment equipment you have in your car? Why are they suddenly appearing as if Tarzan could swing on them any time of the day! Are they even safe if you happen to touch them? Your car has issues. Wouldn’t be nice if you can start over and stop hoping about the magical transformation that repairs bring? Get cash for junk cars (like the one you have) and buy yourself a new one. Sounds like a good idea.

Mismatched speakers and enclosures

Again, seriously. I can’t tolerate looking at speakers that speaks enclosures that are either too tight or more often, too loose. Whoever fixed will blamed for buying car audio equipment that does not even match each other. It would be very unfortunate if you did it yourself because I’ve been saying harsh stuff here – and for that I am truly sorry – but somebody just has to say it. You need to dispose your old car to someone who’d glad to have them for better use. Can you imagine getting cash from junk cars? That’s what awaits you if you decide today!

Disorganized octopus wiring on the engine

Everyone loves random surprises once in a while. Let’s say, presents! Everybody loves the thrill of opening a beautifully wrapped gift. However, this kind of surprise is something you would regret opening. You open the hood of your car and voilà – a messed up intersection of wires that definitely lack direction. How could someone ever do this? This just makes it hard for you when there’s a need for urgent fixing. I wonder if it could still run normally though. Because the looks of it says you need to accept that cash for junk cars that the junk car buying company is offering you!


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