Home Cinema Seating – 5 Top Tips to Finding the Best Home Cinema Seats

One of the key elements that transforms your big screen TV room into a full blow home cinema is the inclusion of authentic home cinema seating. Now the level to which you go will really depend on your budget but there are many different types of home cinema seating out there that you will find you have a wealth of styles to choose from. It’s not just a case of buying the first one you see though so we have compiled a list of our top 5 tips to finding the best home cinema seats to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

1. Comfort

Now it may sound boring to consider comfort first of all when we talk about home cinema seating but it really is the most important factor. You are going to be sitting in these things for quite a long time over the course of a year and so you need to make sure that nothing takes away from your enjoyment of the film. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly adjusting things and moving around all the time.
I’m sure you have all experienced that lower quality mainstream cinema where the seating wasn’t that good and you spent most of the movie moving around trying to find a comfortable position.

The only real way to find the most comfortable home cinema seating is to get out there and sit in them. So you will need to find a good local dealer who has different seats in stock so that you can try them all out and compare side by side or in this case, backside by backside!

2. Aesthetics

OK, now this is more like it I hear you say. Let’s face it guys, although comfort is the most important factor we didn’t build our own home cinema system just to keep for ourselves. Half the fun of it all is to show it off to your friends and family and so that is why we have included aesthetics at number two in our list of priorities.

You want to choose the home cinema seating that has a real impact with anyone the moment they step in the room and see it. The best colours to go for are going to be red and black european union film festival but you can really choose anything providing it matches in with the style of your design.

Other considerations you may want to look at will be whether to go for leather finish or some kind of fabric. Now although some fabric finishes can look and feel really good you will need to keep in mind that in most cases you will have some kind of drink on or near them and inevitably over time things are going to get spilt. So if you have to go down the fabric finish route then I would make sure that it is easy to clean

3. Features

You can get home cinema seating in either fixed or reclining styles and you can also get them in either manual or electric recliners. If you want to go one step further you can even fit hydraulic systems to make them shake and move in time with the movie but be warned if you go down this route that your pockets will need to be quite deep as the price tag can ramp up quite quickly.

Another thing to consider would be cup holders and with these, try and choose which side of the chair they should be on as it seems like a small point but could be annoying if you’re used to one way or another.

You may also look at fixing several seats together in a row and this can be specified with the home cinema seating company prior to order. This has the added advantage of saving a little bit of space if you have width restrictions in your design.

4. Durability

Like any product you buy and especially one with a medium to high price tag you will want to make sure that the build quality is good enough for your home cinema seating to last. This can generally be achieved by using an established manufacturing company and not some new kid on the block who is trying to undercut the market with their new inexpensive seating.


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